David Bergstein circa 2015

About David Bergstein

David Rafael Bergstein is a financier who specializes in locating, structuring financing for and/or restructuring companies which are undervalued, distressed or have complicating factors (often with litigation) in their business. He is known for his talent for accurately predicting trends and…

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david bergstein chabad of the conejo

Philanthropy & Community

David Bergstein is dedicated to giving back, and is often seen feeding the homeless and performing other good deeds within the community. Bergstein is also an active member of many organizations in the Los Angeles area, including the Conejo Jewish Academy and the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation

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david bergstein investor in miramax


In addition to financing many productions, Bergstein has also become the single most prolific buyer in the independent film business. He has acquired thousands of films and libraries, and recently completed the largest transaction of independent films in the last 20 years with Miramax…

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